Pahadeswar Mandir Jharsuguda ପାହାଡେଶ୍ଵର ମନ୍ଦିର ଝାରସୁଗୁଡା

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Pahadeswar Mandir,Jharsuguda


The Hindu god Shiva is known as the “destroyer and the transformer” within the Trimurti, the Hindu trinity that includes Brahma and Vishnu. Innumerous temples have been erected in his honour and reverence by his devotees across India and several other countries.

One of such temples is Pahadi Mandir also known Pahadeswar Temple situated on a hillock amidst the industrial city of Jharsuguda, Odisha. It is another popular temple of Lord Shiva after Jhadeswar Temple in Jharsuguda town. It is a very charming and elegant temple of Lord Shankara which is another name of Lord Shiva.

The site of this temple also provides a bird’s eye view of the city of Jharsuguda. Its surroundings comprise different species of trees. There are two ways leading to this temple, one is well constructed road and other comprises of about 66 steps. It is believed that temple has powers of blessing its devotees with the desired wishes.

With its natural surroundings of a hilltop and Garden and because of easy accessibility, it attracts lot of visitors. Although the temple was lying neglected by great effort of temple committee members it has been able to retain its glory and popularity over the years.

About Temple

Temple is occupies a space of about 2000 square feet and height is about 20 feet. The temple is painted with orange and yellow colour, eye catching painting of Lord Shiva which make temple grandiose. However, this famous temple of Jharsuguda is an austere and simple building, with a quiet aura of spirituality. God Shiva is being worshipped by devotees along with Lord Hanuman. Temple of Lord Hanuman is constructed adjacent to Lord Shiva. A small temple was constructed on memory of Sri Mahant Nand Kishor Puri.

The temple was constructed by a Gujarati  Contractor Sri Bitthal Bhai Saha in 1921.

Servitors of the Temple

According to present priest Dilip Kumar Panda , Mahant Nand Kishor puri used to place shivaling here and worshipped. After the death of puri , his chela (Disciple) engaged himself in worship  of this temple for the few years and left temple. Many of sages, saints , Wisemen  came to this place to become a servitor of Lord Shiva but couldn’t stay more than  two- three years and left temple. Therefore devotees used to perform various rituals. In 2001 , Sri Jagannath Panda called Dillip Kumar Panda and his brother Pradeep Kumar Panda to serve as priest.

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Pahadeswar Mandir Jharsuguda


Festival of Temple

The Shravana month of the Hindu calendar is the busiest time of temple, during which devotees offer Jal Dhara (offering  Holly water )to the main deity of this temple and their prayers to the Lingam.  Another auspicious festival is Mahashivratri. , it is believed that all your wishes are fulfilled if you offer prayers at this shrine. This temple is overcrowded in Mahashivaratri. Every year on Maha Shivaratri, there is a huge three-day festival with several hundred thousand pilgrims from surrounding cities. On Maha Shivratri, Shiv Mela (fair) also takes place, with  various entertaining cultural and spiritual programme to raise awareness about the Maha Shivratri.


Pahadeswar Park

Small park named pahdeswar park was built by Jharsuguda administration in 2012. This park is maintained by Forest department (Jharsuguda Forest division).This park is child friendly because of slide, sea saw and swing availability. The park has around hundred varieties of roses and other species of flowers as well .The park is an  attraction for the tourists and spread over an area of 5 acres of land. The park has been kept well maintained and has beautiful flowers gardens and grass pastures. Major attraction of park is Statue of Lord Shiva in Dhyana mudra (  a gesture by yogis during meditation)    and map of India with beautiful decoration of flowers plants within it. However, still improvement of park and maintaining the natural surroundings on hilltop demand more attention.

Temple Committees

There are three committees working for development of  Temple such as Pahadi Mandir Development Committee, Pahadeswar Bikash Parishad and Pahadeswar Mahila Samiti  established in 2004, 2015 and 2013 respectively. They organise various type of cultural programme and  Bhog (food) allocation on auspicious festival of Bol Bom (Shravan) and Shivaratri annually. These committees also celebrate Odia Naba barsa (First day of Odia calendar) Hanuman Jayanti , independent day and republic day etc. Blood donation camp and other activities are organized to encourage youngsters.

 How to Reach

The temple is located 2 km and 1 km away from Jharsuguda railway station and Jharsuguda bus station respectively. Vehicles can approach the place easily or else one can walk up to the temple from these places.

Earnest Request

The great effort is being made by temple committee     to keep the Temple premises and campus clean and plastic free. Please visit the place but take care to keep the place clean and green. Please Stay on track, show care and consideration when visiting, follow parking direction, don’t Smoke , kindly throw your litter on designated dustbin while visiting park.

The Article intends at Glorifying the Lord Pahadeswar, Some Factual error may be there which is purely unintentional. Suggestion to improve the article is invited

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